Trade Key Scams

December 31, 2013

Tradekey doesn’t believe in doing negative marketing of its customers. TK never makes false stories of other b2b sites for its marketing. Unfortunately other b2b websites are doing negative marketing of tradekey to disturb its existence in the international market. Registered traders at tradekey look quite interested in purchasing premium memberships from tradekey. Tk has a dedicated marketing team which synchronizes buyers with premium traders for VIP service.

Online scams have become very much common in the b2b world. There are many online scams stories which can be found in your surroundings. Victims of scammers are themselves a big cause of spreading of this scam in way that they don’t investigate websites properly at the time of purchasing. Hence they become a source of encouragement for scammers.

Usually people don’t pay attention for their credit cards details. Instant transaction is also a big cause of scam. There are numerous banks which investigate properly before payment those products are delivered or not.

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December 27, 2013

Tips For Online Business on TradeKey Scams

The trend of online business is increasing very rapidly, more and more businesses are moving online to increase their market and sales. But it is not easy to go online as there are lots of online scams and frauds out there. It is very difficult to business online and be safe from cyber criminals. They are waiting for people like you with less experience doing business online.

Online scammers are very intelligent making online scams very difficult to detect and hence if you want to go online then you should have enough knowledge of them and should know how to stop them from making you a victim of online scam scheme.

Online scams are not only targeting people involved in online business but also targeting people involved in online shopping. From sending junk emails to making fake e-commerce websites cyber criminals are going much further to take your money from you.

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December 27, 2013

Credit Card Security and Internet Shopping

Posted on December 27, 2013

Credit card security is one of the security issues in online shopping. Financial data theft can be in many forms including following:

  1. Path traversal
  2. Session hijack
  3. Sql injection
  4. Malware
  5. Cross site scripting

Credit card security programs were introduced around 10 years ago .It was in relevance with payment card industry security standards council. Purpose of its creation was protection for the merchant against transmission of cardholder, processing and storing.

Payment card industry sets 12 requirements which ensure optimum level of security. It follows 6 groups known as control objectives. Few are as follows:

  1. Maintaining information security policies.
  2. Protection of cardholder’s data
  3. Implementing aces control measures
  4. Maintaining vulnerability programs
  5. Regular monitoring and testing of networks.

These days, frauds are very common on internets, especially b2b sites likes tradekey facilitate their customers by ensuring all secure measures.

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December 26, 2013

WARNING! Online Scammers Can Pose As Your Bank Representative

Beware of online scams that are on the rise on this season. Since, online shopping is on rise due to Christmas sale and black Friday shopping, online scams are also very active. If you are involved in online shopping and online banking then you should be very careful this season.

One of the popular online scams that scammers are posing as a representative of your account; they may ask your personal and credit card information through email. If this happens or even you receive a phone call asking it for any reason such as for security reasons do not answer their question before confirming through a cross check.

Whenever you receive such a request, either go to your bank or call on the number given by your bank and ask them about that email or phone call. If they ask you to forward that email then do it. It may save your money.

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January 6, 2014 Scams

Trust building in Online Businesses.

Trust building is very important for marketers. It doesn’t matter what you are selling either you are selling business products or customers products. Furthermore,b2b marketers also pay equal attention to trust building of customers. Brand trust plays a vital role in spreading a business.

Building trust of customers is no doubt a time taking process. Customers are always receptive to marketing messages. Clear communication is also very important in making trust. There are many mobile companies which claim that they offer continues 12 hour battery life but in real they die out before completing 12 hours. In this way, they loses customer’s trust.

Tradekey is one of the largest b2b websites which is leading name in the online international marketing world. They always consider the customer’s trust as their priority. Tradekey scams are very rare because tradekey believes in customer care.

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January 2, 2014

TradeKey Scams – Is Online Trading Always A Scam?

While reading so much about online scams whether at TradeKey scams or at any other blog, you may end up thinking that online trading and online business is always a scam or at least it is too risky to trade online. Both the conclusions are wrong; neither online trading always a scam nor online business nor trading is too risky via online channels.

Although, it is a fact that there are a lot of scams out there but there are also real business and opportunities online. It is never too difficult to reach real opportunities. Going online and starting new business involve a lot of risks but it worth it. One of the reasons of these massive online scams is the opportunities that are online only.

TradeKey Scams has seen businesses that are doing business online; they are paying cost to protect themselves from online scams and getting more than the one they are investing online.

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January 1, 2014

TradeKey Scams – Be Aware Of Online Support Offers

If you are a guy who likes to call on a number for it support and give that company remote access of your computer to repair it then you are in great danger as this activity highly needs to be very careful. Do not think cheaper is greater, never call strangers and think a hundred times before trying a new company.

Tradekey scams recommends is informing you that when you give remote access of your personal computer to anyone, you actually give him access of your personal information and data. Hence, If you do not trust him enough to tell him your personal information such as your password, bank information that you have ever entered it in your computer either in a file or filling an online form, do not give him the remote access of your computer unless you do know what you are doing, what he can do and how you can stop him.

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February 27, 2015 Scams

TK Scams Unveiled

As is one the biggest b2b web page around the world, it has many conflicts. One of the conflicts is that is it protected to organization at If you have tried to research on the internet and has seen negative TradeKey views and hence are afraid of starting doing organization on then you should do some powerful research for this. TradeKey has outstanding and bad views both on the internet. But the fact is that first you would need to know that any well-known item or item cannot remain without locations fault on and conflicts, people do not keep them without negative feedback.

Consider your recommended item and company; whether it is Coca-Cola or Superstar money, it would definitely have negative reviews on the internet. But the aspect is how to distinguish between genuine and jealous reviews. The reaction of this question is simple; always analyze the reliability and neutrality of the resource and individual client. If the resource is genuine and known for its neutrality then the assessment would be genuine otherwise there are many people who make for anyone, outstanding or bad, who will pay them for writing views. Among them some make only genuine views even after getting expenses of assessment writing.

This is not a something that cannot be supervised, you may look for the views of the reviewer; and if the client is untraceable then it is not genuine. Some genuine resources that have given security to involve the Asia’s biggest technology blog site tech-in-Asia and another genuine resource is one of the Pakistan’s biggest document blog site the display tribune.

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February 24, 2015

TradeKey forum official activities

This group of TradeKey contains different wide range of the boards; for example, being able to directly ask the company professionals, company board Q/A sessions going live, how to do stuff in the particular company sites, people who might be necessary for sufficient actions, etc. It is very clear form their side that all of these boards are developed for assisting TradeKey charges and expenses for traders and offering them message and triggers to turn their potential TradeKey pay buyers into hard cash. Furthermore, every TradeKey agent provides a market and area targeting boards in order to capture more serious suggestions. A trader can quickly review bogus issues and scammers associated with the company on group and may also identify the list of the efficient traders.

TradeKey also contains special group under TradeKey Forums tab. You might discover conversations working with interfacing relevant and efficient issues with on this group. People are directly involved here for professional chats and relevant information and knowledge sharing activities. A supplier just entered or a business recently left the industry, people can talk and discuss about TradeKey charges they have to pay!

TradeKey never looks over the opportunity to provide main TradeKey pay and services to the well known traders.

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February 24, 2015

Consumer behaviour and large buying at TradeKey

Consumers are getting more and more intelligent with the spread of awareness and knowledge about quality and quantity that is being taught in the markets with the help of goods advertisements and the informative forums teaching us what to perceive about a certain set of products.

If we want to buy and consume while also taking advantage of the theory “economies of scale”, then we can seriously opt in the programs and deals run by TradeKey platform fee for free and paid users. This fee program lets members know about the various ways that they can actually get benefits from TradeKey’s fullest potentials with more human hours being put for the selling/buying purposes. This information can also be availed from the "About Us" section given on TK’s homepage.

Buyers when searching for relevant goods in TradeKey can also utilise the same search bar which is used for other stakeholders of the company. The difference in search algorithm will be brought forward though with the help of different tab selections on the search bar itself after clicking on it.

Consumers can easily post buying offers on TradeKey by signing up as free or paid members and get the best possible services. Buying offers can be extended to Twenty Offers though, as a free member; and the buyers must go for a paid type membership when looking to achieve much better cost-saving strategies and tactics. Suppliers will then automatically find you out looking into the offers you have posted, though the buying rules and regulations will be the driving factors.

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February 23, 2015

Internet dealing on TK B2B

On the internet, dealing is recognized from the conventional methods of the working of business personnel and people who are freely using TradeKey provisions without any TradeKey annual fee or charges. One of the most popular variations of all is obviously the characteristics of lifestyle that businessmen get to live via TradeKey.

Transforming a targeted guest into a customer is always been a trial. To help you in this TradeKey was established though with certain membership rules as every company has; such as its TradeKey VIP costs which some say are too much but are actually justifiable with relevant aptitudes. You may easily exist and enhance your items on web page (web store) that is actually an industry where many individuals come for online dealing and publish their items and provide or buy forms of offers; to which you may deliver inquiries. You may also publish your offers or buy the selling items, and publish your items on

As you need specific sale focused pitch and activates in order to strategy your prospective customers. In majority of the cases in internet marketing, you cannot connect straight your guests to existing them the most successful provides. Whereas, TradeKey provides a web plug-in, known as TradeMate, to set up on your web page and talk your guests straight to increase the variety of brings.

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February 23, 2015

TradeKey gold and silver types

The professionally paid membership owners of can use their informative web-pages to publish extensive information about themselves, such as personal and individual details, item pictures and catchy images, manufacturer’s own site video clips, and prolific documentation records. This is available for the TradeKey silver costs bearers and the gold costs TradeKey users too!

This allows them to demonstrate customer’s reliability and professionalism, reliability, and greater exposure with functionality. As for the suppliers, the greatest threat is the issue of free providers while creating and providing items to customers and not getting compensated for these items because TradeKey does not provide after-sales service for members other than premium members. Suppliers may secure themselves against the threats of these types, by asking for the transaction rules/details in advance or put a requirement from the customers to put the transaction in an escrow consideration before beginning, or right before the delivery procedure. Escrow will help you in getting your cash in those days with better guarantees!

Besides them, there are also many more other methods in which you may offer items on TradeKey securely, but the best of all is to use their recommended solutions. For TradeKey silver costs and gold costs TradeKey stakeholders, being a website, where the variety of daily offers that can be more than the offers of whole 7 days to you, they know more scummy situations and opportunities than you can probably know. Hence, it is better to let them examine for possible scams and business securely on

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February 21, 2015

Buying and selling on TK site with ease

Suppliers can find customers on in anyone or both of the two easy actions.

By Posting Selling Offer:-

You may publish your products on, it will appear in the listing of tradekey search engine so the customers looking for that item can get in touch with you to know product information and item requirements. If you sign-up as a 100 % free participant, you may publish five to 30 offers.

Search for the Offers Published by the Buyers:-

Another way is to look for buy offers posted by the suppliers. By searching product name, a record of items would appear in the tradekey listing. You may deliver query to all the available offers. You may get in touch by either delivering him message through or by using TradeMate.

For Buyers:-

Searching for the items to buy on is very much similar to publishing promoting items. The only distinction is the classification. Like publishing promoting items you may publish your buy offer in the buy offer area and you can also search it by using search bar. As a 100 % free participant you may publish as much as 20 buy offers for your items.

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February 18, 2015 Fraud

TK has a buying and selling nature to follow

The second largest portfolio to play with, the best opportunities to avail, the largest data to gather your customers from, and the best online support team to get you going with a head start; all this and more is being given by TradeKey with minimal time-taking methodologies.

Products buying, and selling to third-party service providers, is the key factor running the B2B firm TK.

It is a commercial entity satisfying a global scale community involved in business. Searching for the desired services and/or products for potential sell offers or buying leads, we may post offers and directly interact with respective consumers in the large-scale domain that TradeKey certainly is.

Sending inquiries via various means, and communicating with the TradeMate chat service is also an option which lets us interact live, with the targeted manufacturers and clients in our importance lists. Whether it is a quad-copter or a pencil sharpener in large stock, we can find it all and get the best popular products via the popular services searching strategy given in another article you can find on Baidu.

Look for the trends that are being followed by judging the real credibility of certain supplier or buyer with Trust points that he/she may have, or a brand that is present online, a good website to backup all the proposals, or maybe a high number of group-factors making the offer that much necessary.

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February 16, 2015

Why are TradeKey goods priced better than market?

Value for money, and the return on investment; these two phrases are the most prominent factors and the major two leading major decisions in the business world. When these two are combinative, and presented for any said deal, nobody professional enough can say no to the offer without any solid reason!

A customer’s point of view will always include these aforementioned facts and figures while considering the best possible options for their investments. When the options available will gauged for the best alternatives possible, the consumers with true and fair view will select the firm with the most number of outputs is to input ratio. The larger the outcomes, the better the chances of it being selected will be. This is why TradeKey is one of the biggest and the natural-most selection for many suppliers and buyers.

TradeKey member prices for goods and services will always be better than the rest of the market because of bulk-selling and large-scale outputs are being utilised, both theoretically, and practically! Goods are being produced at large scale companies, and thus sold at very reasonable prices.

Plus, the sellers are able to sell with ease at the platform thanks to TradeKey platform price with respect to global presence. This, and the overall structure helps both the parties go about the deals as swift as possible.

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March 6, 2015

Jingle all the way with TradeKey

TradeKey is a giant in terms of its members and followers, with a giant future as well with respect to better prosperity! Here is how that can be confirmed.

TradeKey and EC21 competitors like the way TK flows and works with its customers and hence are mostly following the trendsetter’s techniques and ideas. Although TradeKey itself is a follower for major B2B industry steps, which take an entity higher and deeper into the business game, but there are still many innovations which separate TradeKey and EC21, and for that instance every other B2B organisation in terms of particular feature-sets offered. TradeKey and EC21 are alike when it comes to being customer-based, but the similarities end right there! TradeKey lets users tell it and instruct certain store rules and regulations after creation while on the other hand EC21 keeps its free users very limited.

Capacity is different, feedback on that capacity is different, and most of all, the overall out of the time and effort put in, is different; with TK winning over EC21 largely due to much better stakeholder ratios. Just like it took TradeKey a long time and much effort to reach the valuation it is addressed with now; it will equally take EC21 much time to reach the same sweet spot!

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November 5, 2015

How TradeKey.Com Helps Your Business To Grow?

TradeKey is highly renowned B2B online platform that has not only attained valuable success but has also provided the best opportunity to let others grow. The company has provided the solid platform to let grow and has been always side by side with the entire business communities to take them to the heights of success. TradeKey started its operations in 2006 with the aim and planned to facilitate and make easy to connect the buyers and sellers to global trade. The company is dedicated to serving its best to bring better business opportunities to the world of businesses and to serve the best at the common platform. is considered one of the best and leading marketplace in the world that has connected millions of large and small sized business groups with global wholesalers, buyers, importers, exporters, manufacturers and distributors in over 220 countries, quickly and cost effectively. It is the first business to business marketplace that has been awarded the certifications of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security System. These awards have proved that the company has ensured its maximum customer satisfaction and provided the high level of security and safe online businesses to the members and non-members.

TradeKey has ever welcomed the clients approaching from different regions of the world and has always provided the best services to each and every client to let grow with the company alike. These numbers confirm with the authenticity of the statement that has always stood with every member to provide extraordinary exposure to clients in the world market.

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